November 6, 2014

New Goldendoodle Puppy (Shopping) Checklist

  • Paper towels (a lot of paper towels)

  • Plastic Crate for crate training

  • Old Towels for Crate. Once puppy is reliably crate trained, a "real" crate bed can be used.

  • Old Blanket or Towel(s) to cover wire Crate

  • ...

November 4, 2014


You should definitely puppy proof your house for your Goldendoodle and keep those things you cherish out of your puppies reach. Part of it is to keep your puppy safe, and the rest is to keep your stuff safe from the puppy. Puppies chew things- just expect it and prepa...

November 3, 2014

Bella has decided it's time to wean her Goldendoodle babies! That means we get to take over the feeding and clean-up duties. The babies made their very first trip outside to start potty training. OMG!! It's so amazing that they know exactly what to do :) You should see...

October 31, 2014

October 24, 2014

Goldendoodle pups getting their sibling snuggles in.


October 18, 2014

I am so fortunate to be able to love on these little Goldendoodle wonders anytime I can. I am so amazed how fast these little babies grow everyday and are turning into little "dogs" very quickly. I've always had a dog in my life and couldn't imagine my life with out th...

October 14, 2014

Babies @12 days old. If you listen closely you can hear them chugging.. so, so cute :) Bella is such a good mother~ always busy caring for them, It has been difficult for us to get our snuggle time in..

October 8, 2014

One of the greatest qualities of a goldendoodle is their ability to be easily trained. This results from their natural affection and desire to please. Despite this, training is one of the most important aspects of your puppy's life.

Temperament: When a puppy is first...

September 27, 2014

We paid a visit to our veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Hosch, today in Farley, IA. Take a look at the x-ray of Bella's abdomen! She believes Bella will be expecting 9-10 Goldendoodle puppies! We are so excited!



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