One of the greatest qualities of a goldendoodle is their ability to be easily trained. This results from their natural affection and desire to please. Despite this, training is one of the most important aspects of your puppy's life. Temperament: When a puppy is first born, it requires most of its attention from its mother. We spend time each day snuggling and handling each individual puppy. Socialization is the most important training a goldendoodle can have between 8 and 12 weeks old. This is where goldendoodles develop their temperaments that will stay with it for the rest of their life. Obedience: Starting from 8-12 weeks old, goldendoodles should begin obedience training, whether with a professional, or at home. It is here a goldendoodle will learn which types of behavior are accepted and which are not. It is essential that goldendoodles learn who is the boss, yet the owner must treat a puppy with respect and care to achieve the best results for temperament and obedience. Potty training is also a type of obedience training. You must create a schedule or perform a certain activity to get the puppy accustomed to its potty routine. Other simple obedience training areas that must be addressed include: nipping, jumping, digging, chewing, and yard boundaries.

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