Goldendoodle Puppy Proofing

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You should definitely puppy proof your house for your Goldendoodle and keep those things you cherish out of your puppies reach. Part of it is to keep your puppy safe, and the rest is to keep your stuff safe from the puppy. Puppies chew things- just expect it and prepare for it. Offer a wide variety of safe chew toys all over each accessible floor in your home. Your puppy is going to chew; you might as well control what it is chewing.

  • Use child proof locks to keep substances like pesticides, meds, cleaning products, plants, etc. locked up in cabinets and away from your pup.

  • When puppies are young, even rawhide strips can be dangerous, never give these to your puppy unsupervised.

  • Be aware that some foods and plants are toxic to dogs.

  • Avoid heat stroke and don't leave pups or dogs locked in cars.

  • After your puppy comes home, there are health risks for Parvo!

  • You should NOT allow your puppy to be out in public places until after the Parvo vaccinations have been completed, 12-16 weeks.

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