What is the Goldendoodle puppy's day like?

If you don’t know much about raising a litter of Goldendoodle puppies it goes something like this: The mother takes care of the clean-up until they are weaned between 4-6 weeks. During this time I just need to make sure mommy is fed extra amounts of food as she needs it. This also means more potty breaks for her. Our female dog Bella is a bit of a Diva and really enjoys being groomed. With the litter of pups she hasn’t had time to herself just like any other new mother.

After the babies are weaned, I take over the clean-up duties and start the potty training process. The first week is a bit rough with a few accidents. By the second week the potty training starts to pay off! I am up at 5:00am. to take the babies outside to potty - this is a litter of nine that I tote down the steps in two batches in a wicker basket. Puppies have been great and all do their business within 10 minutes. Today a few of them trotted back up the steps when they were ready to go back in so I only need to make one trip back in the house. Then I give them their breakfast food and water. I get ready for my day and back to the puppies I go! We all make the same 10 minute potty break, then trot back up the steps and back in the sleep area puppies go!

My daughter Hailey gets home from school at 11:30am. She goes thru the same early morning routine as I did. I get home around 4:30pm. and we go potty again and again. In the evening they are fed between 6:30-7:00pm. and then they go potty again. I scrub and disinfect my floor more now than when my own children were young.

As each day passes they all are developing new skills and it amazes me how fast they are growing. I am truly happy I have found so many great families for these perfect little babies, but I am getting so attached to each and everyone and will be very sad to see them go. We would love to stay in-touch and hear wonderful stories of your new puppy with your family. Please be sure to send us pictures – and we’ll feature you on our site.

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