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Miss Tillie was the last of the litter to arrive @ 6:10 AM and weighed 0.72 pounds. She should have a curly/wavy coat as an adult.

Tillie has a fun family to play with her and teach her tricks :0 what a lucky girl!

Miss Ivy arrived @ 4:45 AM and is the smallest of the litter weighing 0.62 pounds. Ivy seems to search out Lottie to snuggle with. She should have a curly coat as an adult.

Ivy has a forever home and family to love all of her sweetness.

Miss Lottie arrived @ 5:35 AM and weighed 0.72 pounds. Lottie should have a curly coat as an adult. Lottie has a wonderful young family to grow up and have adventures with.

Miss Stella the Golden Entrancer arrived @ 5:18 AM and weighed 0.72 pounds. She has an extremly soft, low shed retreiver coat. Stella has found a passion for the entertainment business. When she is not preforming she loves being spoiled by her famliy, Visit her own special Facebook page @

Mr. Tobey arrived @ 5:09 AM and weighed 0.72 pounds. He really seems to enjoy sleeping on his back with his mouth open :) Tobey should have a fluffy wavy/straight coat as an adult. He has a beautiful family he can follow.. everywhere they go.

Mr. Forrest was the 1st to arrive @ 4:11 AM and was the largest of the litter weighing 0.82 pounds. Forrest also enjoys sleeping on his back and of course he gets plenty of belly rubs too. Forrest has a very soft and low shed retreiver coat and also famous for smiling on que :)  Such an obedient and intellegent boy.

Puppy therapy anyone?


Puppies @ 3 days old. The babies pink paw pads & noses are starting to turn black already. Bella is such a proud mommy :)

Here they are.. 4 girls and 2 boys. All healthy & thriving!

Its official! From the ultrasound results today, we are having puppies.. It was unbelievable to be able to actually see one of the babies front paws moving, it looked almost like they were trying to run :) Although we were able to confirm Bella is healthy and defiantly pregnant, we were not able to confirm her litter size at this time. April 28th is quickly approaching, stay tuned... Super Excited now!!


Bella is definitly acting like a pregnant momma. This week she has been taking plenty of extra naps and has been slightly moody. I will be making an appointment for x-rays a couple of weeks before her due date to see how many babies we are expecting. Stay tuned... Excited!!


If you're interested in a future puppy please contact me and I can put you on my waiting list. Once I have a confirmed litter I will contact you on a first come basis... if you are still interested at that point you can put a $300 deposit to hold your place.


Miss Bella has another clean bill of health and we are hoping for a 2015 spring or early summer litter... I'll keep those on the list updated as soon as I have more news!!


**The size of the litter should be in the medium range of 35-50 pounds. Please be aware that the estimated size of a puppy by a breeder is an educated guess. 

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