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Goldendoodle Coat Facts

There are four types of coats that can be produced in goldendoodles no matter what generation they are, it all depends on the genetics they get from their parents. The four coat types are curly, wavy, straight and flat (sport). So what is the latest news in canine coat genetics and how does it relate to goldendoodles?

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Poodles can shed, but the dead hair remains trapped in the curls of the coat leaving many to believe they are nonshedding. A poodle can carry the gene responsible for high shedding (locus one) as well as be a carrier for improper coat. Furnishings gene RSPO2 is responsible for the facial hair that makes the goldendoodle "look" so sought after. Cutting edge genetic research thru Cornell University has discovered both shedding locus 1 & improper coat (shedding locus 2) play a factor in the shedding propensity of the goldendoodle breed. This research has lead Beck Kennel to genetically test all of our puppy parents, striving for the lowest possible shed traits of our future litters. As potential new goldendoodle puppy parents this is important information for you to be aware of and consider while selecting your future goldendoodle breeder.

Curly Coat: Once believed to be the best for less shedding is not genetically fact. The curl gene KRT71 does not play a part in the shedding results. To achieve a consistant litter of curly coats both parents must have 2 sets of curl genes. Here an expample of our curly coated goldendoodle, Luna:



Wavy Coat: Yes, based on genetics of the parents, wavy coated pups can be low to no shedding. 100% wavy coats can be produced by selecting one curly and one straight coated parent. Here is an example our wavy coated goldendoodle, Dobby:





Straight Coat: Again, straight coated pups can be produced with little or no shedding. To achieve a litter of 100% straight coated low to no shedding you must have parents that are clear of improper coat, do not carry the high shed allele and do not carry the curl trait. Our very own Cedar is an example of a straight coated goldendoodle:








Flat also known as Sport Coat: These pups do not carry the furnishings locus RSPO2 gene and are produced from parents that carry improper coat. Flat coats can be produced in any generation even if they are bred back to a IC carrier poodle. Flat coats are going to shed. The amount of shed also depends on the shedding locus one part of the gentetic test, the high shed test. Forrest is a great example of a flat coated goldendoodle with seasonal shedding:




An attentive sweet personality, lowest shed rating possible and wavy to straight coat is the directlon Beck Kennel is striving for. 


Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 




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