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About the Boys:


Jack Pot aka "Pluto"
Jack Pot is an 18 pound petite goldendoodle from stunning deep red lines and has such a thick plush coat. He enjoys a good game of fetch, knows many tricks and the best snuggle buddy to his humans. He lives happily with his guardian family and best pal Midas.
Jack Pot is tested at the blue ribbon level, has OFA heart, patella & eye clearances. Hips/Elbows graded DR.Wallis excellent. DNA testing through Embark.

Goldendoodle Acres Chopper:
Chopper is a solid 33 pound Mini Goldendoodle. He loves all things related to balls, sticks. and going for walks along the trails.
Chopper's nickname is Chop-Chop and he is such a love button.  Chop-Chop has a beautiful structure and such a thick, soft coat that feels like velvet. 
Chopper is tested at the blue ribbon level with OFA clearances for hips/elbows (good) patella, heart, eyes and DNA testing completed through Embark. 

Beck Kennel Milo:
Milo will be a future Beck Kennel sire bringing litters of red tuxedo goldendoodle pups. He is such a sweet soul, enjoys playtime and snuggles with his guardian family. He is on target to be 25 pounds as an adult. 
Milo is DNA tested through Paw Print Genetics. OFA testing is scheduled for late summer of 2022.
Sully Cachow:


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