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Adoption Process Policy

1) Puppy Inquiry


Choosing the breeder of your future dog is a big undertaking and we want to make sure you feel confident in your decision. Feel free to contact us thru email with any questions that you have. We will make every effort to answer your questions promptly and truthfully! We are located just outside of Platteville, WI. 


2) Getting to Know You


If you have decided on Beck Kennel as your breeder, let us know of any puppy preferences you may have and the type of environment in which your pup will be raised. 

*Please note that, as the breeder, we reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time and also to retain a puppy for the betterment of our service dog & breeding program. In this case, you will be refunded any money paid to Beck Kennel.


3) Reserving a Spot on the Waiting List


If you are approved to be added to a litters waiting list, a $500 deposit will go towards the purchase price required in order to reserve a puppy. If the litter does not produce a desirable puppy, a refund of the deposit will be honored if the request is made within the first week of the first pictures being posted; otherwise, deposits are non-refundable. However, you do have a one time option of using the deposit in the future or transferring it to another litter.


4) Visiting Your Litter


Puppy visits are scheduled by appointment only and set up when the litter is between 5-6 weeks old, this is when they are becoming more active and you can see their personalities starting to develop. For the sake of your puppy's health do not visit any animal shelter or a place where pets frequent. PARVO is deadly to unvaccinated puppies and it can be brought in to our home! Parvovirus is extremely contagious and can be transmitted by any person, animal or object that comes in contact with an infected dog's feces.


5) Picking Your Puppy


Picks for our litters are honored in the order in which the deposits are received. Those on the deposit list will be informed of the “puppy picking” day. This will follow the litters first vet exam, starting with the first person on the deposit list. If for some reason, you are unavailable, I will choose your puppy based on your known preferences. We will also be scheduling the day & time for you to take your puppy home during puppy picking day.

6) Preparing for Your Puppy


To prepare for the arrival of your new puppy, you will need to buy a crate and playpen, at least one bag of Life's Abundance Premium puppy food, NuVet Immune Builder and feeding bowls (buy stainless steel bowls for bacteria control), grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, and a variety of toys. For a detailed list of supplies, please visit the “New Puppy Supply List” page. To make shopping easier I've added links to my favorite supplies.


7) Paying for Your Puppy


A payment made by Zelle, a pre-approved Venmo is due on puppy picking day (approximately 6 weeks) or cash the day of pick up.


8) Taking Your Puppy Home


Your puppy will be ready to go home between 7-8 weeks old, you may choose to either pick up your puppy in person or make travel arrangements for flying to pick up at one of our nearest airports. We have several air line options for you depending where you are coming from. We can also schedule a meeting locaton with in 8 hours distance, a round trip travel fee is added to cover the cost of fuel.



On pick-up day, you will receive the following:

• A freshly bathed, healthy puppy

• Puppy that was raised & loved in our home with cutting edge professional handling techniques​, getting your puppy off to the best possible start

• Micro-chipping

• Signed copy of the Health Warranty/Purchase Agreement

• Veterinarian record of your puppy’s vaccinations and deworming schedule

• GANA registration application (GANA registration comes with a full pedigree)

• Sample of NuVet immune builder supplements, order these thru my website for your extended health warranty

• An application for pet insurance

• My lifetime support of your puppy

• Free Puppy Gift Bag including a blanket & snuggle puppy and extra heat packets with a retail value of $50.00. Colors will vary, example below:












9) Raising Your Puppy


Outlined in the Warranty/Purchase Agreement, you are expected to maintain your dog in good health, provide preventative healthcare, spay or neuter your dog, and provide your dog with obedience training. Always feel free to contact me with any questions regaurding your puppies care. 

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