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Hi Sandi! Just checking in. Boomer is doing great, he's over 20 pounds now! I took him in for his first grooming session today. He was pretty shaggy before! I attached before and after pics, haha. 

Have a good weekend!


Thanks, Sandi!  We go on Monday for next shots so will be interesting to see what he weighs compared to last time.  He seems to be lots taller!  He's getting MUCH better about holding pee longer--yea!  He's doing a very good sit, lie down, watch me.  And he now knows "wait" for a piece of treat in front of him--he'll wait a LONG time (for a puppy!) til we say OK. Had fun at the second puppy class.  We all handled each others dogs (ears, feet, teeth) and Henry did fine with that. Here's a pic from a few weeks ago--haven't had time to put new ones on computer.  He's such a handsome boy!

Hi Sandi- yup I agree with you- Lottie is just so adorable- she's super sweet and yes she does follow us around 😊😊😊 . She weighs about 40 pounds now- 😊😊. Aww you are lucky you get to keep a little one until Feb- my kids enjoyed seeing all the pups- they are so so adorable. I will be sure to send you more pics of Lottie very soon ..

Take care

Hey Sandy, 


Hughie is acclimating well! He knows how to sit, come, fetch, and recognizes his name already!  He is doing well with potty training, we still have accidents, but I appreciate your effort because he definitely knows when we go outside he should go. He is really playful and sweet, I think we are a good match. 


Hope all is well with you! 



Hi Sandi, Thank you for the birthday card, we can’t believe that our fur baby just turned one. She is magnificient! We were amazed at how quickly she has learned. She cried in her crate only for a minute at most when we first brought her home. She pottied at each stop (not on us or in the car) on our way home and she was quickly house-trained…any accidents were our fault, not hers. Everyone is amazed at how intelligent she is. When we go for walks in our subdivision, she easily stays with us without a leash. Neighbors adore her. She goes pretty much where we go, if pets are allowed. She goes boating with us and is a great swimmer. She is so wonderful with our active 7-year old son and his friends. She really enjoys playing with other dogs too. She sure knows how to brighten my day and has been a joy as our first dog. Thank you for making our experience so awesome. We really appreciate you allowing us to visit her so often prior to us picking her up and she is still as affectionate as the day we took her home.

Take Care!

The Birch Family

 Just wanted to keep in touch and let you know how our puppy is doing. It’s been amazing watching her grow and can’t believe she’s already 6 months old! Within 1 week of bringing her home she was ringing the potty bell telling me she needed to go – she was a very fast learner at being house/crate trained. Within the first few months she was sitting and shaking on command. She now knows how to sit, stay, shake with both paws, down, high-5 or 10 and run into her crate when I ask her where her crate is. She loves going for car rides and being groomed. She gets alot of attention from everyone she meets. We get stopped on our walks all the time by people wanting to pet her or compliment her behavior & looks. Thanks again for answering all of our questions from the beginning. You made the process very simple and exciting and we have the best puppy ever! 


The Klinks

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