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I love to get updates on how the goldendoodle puppies are progressing and so happy to share all of their cuteness. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I have. Keep up the good work and be sure to send in any video you would like to share!


Cedar's clicker training progress.

She is almost 4 months old.. Great Job!!

Cedar and the stick.

Such a Curious George :)

Cedar's play time.

She is so entertaining to watch.

Miss Cinder. 

Exploring the back yard :)

Welcome home Teddy.. you are loved so much!


I sure am having fun playing with Annie and I think she enjoys me too.

Cedar @ 5 months, she just loves her outside playtime :)

Christmas 2014

Stuffed toys?

Miss Daisy loves to play fetch! She is such an intelligent goldendoodle.

Cedar loves to play in the river, she is such a lucky little dog :)

Cedar enjoying the beach life :)

Cinder is 6 months old today! I think Cinder is telling her family how much she loves them :)

Cedar loves to birdwatch :)

Cinder having a play day with the neighbor doodle. Cinder is the smaller pup :)

Cedar watching videos of her sister Cinder again :) Happy 6 month birthday Cinder!

Cedar catching up on what sister Daisy is doing :)

Cedar loves her new ride! It looks like you're having so much fun Cedar :)

Hughie has the sweetest eyes to match his adorable personality. 

Goose Meets the Backyard Sprinkler

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