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New Goldendoodle Handbook


The Goldendoodle Handbook is now available - all 129,000 words and 276 pages of it! - I am delighted to say that it includes my assistance and photographs as well as being officially endorsed by GANA and it's members.

I believe the strength of the book is the expert input from breeders as well as being well written, comprehensive information presented by author Linda Whitwam. We are a dedicated group of breeders and passionate about our Goldendoodles.

The cost price of $8 will be held until Saturday, August 13th and then the normal list price of $13.95 will take effect, less any discount that Amazon decides to apply. It is now ranked as Amazon's number one new release for first day sales of a breed specific book.

If you would leave a review on Amazon, it would be very much appreciated as this is the main way to get the book in the public eye.

The link to the book is here:

The printed book is in black and white as it would cost more than $30 to print in color, putting it out of most people’s reach. However, the main point of the book is the information it contains . This will be available in ebook/iBook/Google Play and Kindle in the near future so you will be able to see my wonderful Doodles in full color!

The Goldendoodle Handbook strongly promotes ethical breeding, as well as health testing and responsible ownership. I hope you enjoy reading it and it helps you in your search for your next fur family member. With thanks and kindest regards, Beck Kennel

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